4 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain over the Holidays

We all know that getting through the holidays without gaining weight is quite hard – even for die hard fitness enthusiasts. Good food and the cold weather makes it easy for everyone to put off exercise and diet plans, thinking that the food is too good to miss out on or that it’s too cold to work out.But losing all the weight you gained over the holidays will not be easyso it’s better to avoid putting them on in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief, staying in shape during the holidayscan be done! Check out these tips you can keep in mind to stay fit over the holidays without having to say no to indulging in homemade sweets and goodies!

Tip No. 1: Do not go to parties with an empty stomach.

As part of tradition, Christmas parties usually serve calorie-rich food that include delectable appetizers and sweet desserts. Going to these events hungry will increase the chances of you eating a lot of these unhealthy food choices. Fill your stomach with filling yet healthy snacksbefore heading to the party. Not feeling hungry allows you to easily resist the temptation of eatingand drinking too muchduring the event.bigstock-men-s-pants-are-too-tight-due-75720295-1170x500

Tip No. 2: Do not grab for seconds immediately.

Several studies show that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize that you have already eaten enough. Keep this in mind and take a break after your first helping. If you still feel hungry, then feel free to grab and fill that second plate.

Tip No. 3:  Keep your leftovers out of sight.

Having leftovers cannot be avoided, but don’t just leave them on the table! This will tempt you to keep on chomping small servings of the food from time to time. Instead, pack them up and store them in the freezer. Aside from keeping the food out of your sight, this will also help you preserve them for eating later on.

Tip No. 4: Keep moving.

Consistently moving is the best way to burn the extra calories. If you really can’t find the motivation to spend an hour at the gym, here are some fun alternatives you can do while on vacation:

  1. Go for a walk and explore your vacation spot on foot.
  2. Play with your children or younger relatives outdoors.
  3. Enjoy the outdoor facilities such as tennis courts or swimming pools in your vacation spot.

These activities will keep you and your family entertained for hours and forget about the candy canes and cookies waiting for you back home.

Who says you haveto say no to your Christmas cravings? Moderation is key andinserting physical activities in your schedule should also help keep things balanced. Follow these tips faithfully and not only will you keep the holiday weight off, you won’t have to deal with comments about a bigger belly from your workmates when you get back from the holidays!